Healthy Beauty

Since the foundation of  RB GROUP Cosmetics in 1996, the company has witnessed numerous cases of troubled skin and ineffective results due to incorrect use of cosmetics after treatment.

The company has realized that the correct makeup process is crucial for sensitive and problematic skin and that the right choice of cosmetics and after care is the foundation of healthy skin maintenance. Hence, RB GROUP Cosmetics has released the Derma Cosmetics range, based on the results of extensive clinical trials carried out by RB GROUP team of expert skin doctors.

Cosmetics commenced operation with the promise of 50 devoted skin specialists to produce healthy cosmetics for women across the world.

The Derma Cosmetics market was nonexistent in Korea at the time RB GROUP Cosmetics launched its products, and the company has since endeavored to achieve gradual, organic market expansion, rather than focusing on short-term high-growth goals, in order to evolve with an image of ever-increasing customer confidence and satisfaction.

RB GROUP has been unwavered  from its initial goal and endeavors to develop a comprehensive product range with something for all customers, including those with sensitive and problem skin. To accomplish its initial objective, the company operates a rigorous verification system and settles for no less than the finest raw materials. Because the most critical requirement in cosmetics is quality.

Viral marketing and customer retention have created a hit product for the brand, which lead to continuous sales growth across the RB GROUP Cosmetics range as customer confidence and loyalty continues to increase. Thanks to the support from the company’s loyal customers whose support of the brand is ever-increasing, the company continues its pursuit of cutting edge R&D that is being based on 30 years of abundant clinical experience, cementing its well-earned reputation as the No. 1 Derma Cosmetics brand.

RB GROUP Cosmetics will maintain its commitment to produce healthy cosmetics for healthy skin and grow with its customers as the true skin experts of the dermatological products field.

RB GROUP request your continued interest and support so that the Derma Cosmetic brand,
a representative brand of Korea, can stand tall in the international market.

RB GROUP Co., Ltd.

RB GROUP Co.,Ltd., established in inchon and buchon, seoul (Korea) since 1988, provides Korea Authorized Representative (EC REP), USA Responsible Person & CE Marking advisory services to manufacturers worldwide (EU,Japan, USA & Non-EU), all in accordance with European Directives & Regulations.

Our high quality compliance solutions, proven by our CGMP, ISO22716, 9001:2008 certification, include Classification and  identification of EU,Japan, USA standards, Technical Documentation review, Authorized Representative & EU,Japan, USA Responsible Person, Product Notification & Product Registration to national EU,Japan, USA Authorities, Labeling Compliance, GMDN Code Verification, Free Sales Certificates, Trade Mark submissions and many more.

While still retaining a unique expertise on cosmetics, medical devices & in-vitro diagnosis medical devices, Our team of experts will assist you in introducing or maintaining your product(s) circulation within the EU,Japan, USA Market and guide you through the regulatory maze of product safety and requirements also for machinery, personal protective beauty-equipment, Contact us today and let us help you meet your requirements.