From the very beginning, the focus of (SENSE OF CARE)SOCTM has been driven by innovation and user friendliness….

To help consumer to better preserve, improve and enhance the integrity of Daily beauty Care, an unique combination of product innovation and “easy- to-use” application develops a position to follow leading the world trends, but (SENSE OF CARE)SOCTM products are also “supply friendly” because of  the competitive pricing and commitment to integrity and quality.

Our endeavor keeps (SENSE OF CARE)SOCTM firmly in the forefront of professional Daily & Beauty care.

(SENSE OF CARE)SOCTM RB Group Co.,Ltd in your Youth by (SENSE OF CARE)SOC TM Daily & Beauty Care Here at RAINBOW-BEAUTY Co.,Ltd, the maker of (SENSE OF CARE)SOCTM we are committed to the non-negotiable principle of integrity and commitment.

  • Beauty, innovation and creativity.
  • Continued excellence, quality and best price point : We produce and export OEM and ODM for Big Brands or International Cosmetics Lines.