Having created over 2,000 formulations our R&D department and chemists have the experience and knowledge to meet your brand’s products requirements.

The R&D team will create exclusive formulas for you based on your ideas. Prototype samples are normally developed within 12 days of deposit.

Working with the leading skincare ingredient suppliers we have the capability to provide you with products that meet desired performance and are compatibility  with your marketing and distribution strategies.

Formulating with the most advanced ingredients and technologies our chemists bring efficiency and excellence to our customers for the best results and marketability.

Safety, performance and sensory experience (Because consumers from around the world expect safe, effective products that are pleasant to use with complete trust, RB GROUP Lab invests unrelentingly in evaluation methods.)

Everywhere in the world, consumers share a certain number of strong concerns with regard to cosmetic products. The primary concern is for safety. A non-negotiable prerequisite that disqualifies any product that could provoke undesirable effects such as skin irritation. Second concern: effectiveness. Because innovation is not an end result in itself: the new molecules made available through research must really provide a benefit to the consumer, for example in the area of anti-wrinkle results or sun protection. Finally, the effectiveness of a product is also measured in its sensory qualities: a good hand cream must be absorbed well by the skin, a sun cream must not leave the skin greasy. Safety, effectiveness, sensory experience have always been the three key dimensions of RB GROUP Research. They are measurable thanks to the science of evaluation. An area in which the group has always deployed a wealth of inventiveness.